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Since the birth of the internet, people have continually found new ways to send online greetings. What better way than with a free eCard?

Instead of going to the store and taking 20 minutes to pick the perfect pre-made card, we can quickly and easily surf the web to find a free eCard to suit pretty much any occasion!

Sometimes, when regular emotions like Love and Joy just won't cut it, we've got to take a different eCard route. We've got to be -- Rude!

Thankfully, free funny rude eCards aren't too difficult to find. Some people say is tops when it comes to finding free eCards that are both funny and rude.

But there are plenty of sites with a major variety of eCards to choose from.

Most people can appreciate a good rude eCard, as long as it's funny. But beware! There's always someone out there who will take the opportunity to find fault with your spontaneous gesture. Choose your recipients wisely...
funny rude free ecards

The best part about free online eCards? Nowadays, practically all of them are animated!

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